Supportive Services

Today’s patients have a desire to know about their medical therapies and Advantage Healthcare Services believes that education and outreach play a critical role in both their interaction and adherence participation. Our bi-lingual staff offers an approach that encompasses many patient needs that are often overlooked.

We have liaison/patient advocate teams throughout Southern California that assist patients with the varying levels of information as well as coordinate the often tough life circumstances as: insurance enrollment, housing, appointment transportation, government programs and even rebates. Our philosophy includes the fact that education can enrich the knowledge base of a patient and we host seminars and support groups for patients and their families to offer disease state and medication options. We work in close alignment with pharmaceutical companies to share the most up-to-date information on medication, interactions and choices so that patients will have access to the critical medications that they require.

Our integrative patient concentric approach addresses the needs of patients on both a medical and emotional level, working and coordinating with an array of professionals and organizations to assure that they have the most complete services.

Each of our pharmacies coordinate with patients and families for a complete outreach effort. Our services extend beyond the scope of a pharmacy and enter into the various parts of a patient’s life that can affect their health and medication adherence. Our focus on maintaining constant communication with patients has given us the opportunity to know the important touch points that are sometimes sensitive and often overwhelming. Our educational and outreach programs place the patient at the center and give them the information and options that ease their concerns and allow them to pursue a continued path of health.

As an enhanced pharmacy services alternative, we are constantly adding and upgrading to our array of outreach and educational efforts so that we keep up with the varying needs of today’s medical information. We believe that our approach differentiates Advantage Healthcare Services and allows us to be a full pharmacy solution that embraces the requirements of today’s patients.


Advantage Healthcare Services places a high priority on ensuring that patients are informed and equipped with the information that they require. Education is an integral part of the journey of healing and we focus on many of the elements that allow patients to be proactive in their own treatments. Our philosophies encourage the human aspect that blends health treatment with the emotional aspects needed to accomplish a complete patient wellness picture. Our team takes the extra steps to touch the lives of our patients in many ways:

*We host educational seminars regarding various disease states as well as medication options.
*Our support group activities introduce patients to others in their communities as well as offering relief to grieving patients.
*Work in coordination with pharmaceutical companies to educate patients on the newest and best medication options and choices.
*Exchange and sharing with pharmaceutical companies for patient access to medication rebates, discounts and coupons to assist in maintaining medication adherence.
*Continual pursuit in working with industry partners to help patients with their financial, emotional, and physical comfort for health treatment.
*Team presence on various boards that relate to patient care.

We combine the diligence and attention of our patient advocate services to empower and educate so that they will have the ability to make their own health and wellness choices.


AHCS understands the various and often complex elements that can affect patient health treatment. Our patient advocate/liaison advocate team works to bridge these areas and address the logistics, financial, emotional and human aspects for personal patient needs throughout Southern California. We take care of the many details so that patients can focus on maintaining their health and medical requirements:

*Coordinating patient transportation and medical appointments.
*Assisting in housing situations to ensure a comforting and affordable environment.
*Visitation to patients at clinics.
*Coordinate medication deliveries for the homeless/indigent.
*Introduce patients to the various government programs that can offer assistance.
*Connect patients to the crucial medical services that they need.
*Help with discharge assistance and medication adherence follow through.
*Assist with insurance enrollments.

Our goal is to transition medical treatments from the clinical to those of the compassionate, addressing the many aspects of the life of a patient. The combination of understanding these areas and the requirements of our patients can ‘make a difference’ for their health improvement.

"As community outreach liaisons for AHCS, we have been actively involved in
the community for over 5 years providing support for HIV groups at various HIV events throughout Southern California. We are bilingual speaking both English and Spanish which allows us to effectively communicate with our patients population. As a peer advocate we provide our patients assistance communicating directly with the pharmacy, ensuring that the patient receive the necessary guidance to help patients adhere to their medications."

− Delcy Olachea & Jesus Rosas

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